Monday, July 27, 2009

I can't wait.... have a baby sleeping in here!!
Thank you to my mother-in-law for sewing the bumper! And that's the one and only blanket I've made for Jackson. He better get here soon. I had an appointment today (39wks, 1day) and I didn't get to see my Dr. He was stuck at another hospital. Anyway, I was 2.5cm and still 70% effaced. And for now I still have to wait to go into labor on my own. I have an appt. set for next Monday(1 day over due) and if I haven't had him yet we will come up with a plan.
This is Londyn in the Moses Basket when it was pink! Almost 3 years ago to the day!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turkey? Maybe?

Yesterday we had someone coming to look at our house between 1:00 and 3:00, so we decided to head up to Park City to do a little outlet shopping and then go up to his parents to make dinner for his grandma. The weather was so nice. Anyway, on our way down the mountain from his parents house we saw this CRAZY bird! It looks like a mini turkey! What the heck is it?

Friday, July 17, 2009

What a tease!

So I can already tell this baby has a mind of his own! Late Tuesday night I thought maybe my water had broken. I waited for labor to start that night and all the next day, but nothing. I left a message w/ the nurse but she never called me back. I figured it probably hadn't broke, but I was still nervous that I would be the one where labor doesn't start, but then ends up w/ an infection.... so about 9:30 Wed. night Cody and I decided we should call the Doc on call and just tell them what was up. It was my Dr. on call and he wanted me to come in to be safe. Our nice neighbor came over to sit w/ Londyn since she was in bed already and we headed to the hospital. They did a couple of tests and everything turned out negative, but my blood pressure was a little high so they monitored me for another hour and then sent me home. Good times! An expensive tour of Labor and Delivery! So then last night I couldn't fall asleep, so I was just laying in bed and then contractions started at 11:50 and were coming every 5 minutes until about 1:15. Then they slowed down to every 7 minutes, and they never really hurt, so I just fell asleep hoping that they would wake me up again. But no, I woke up at 7:00 w/ no contractions. Oh well, hopefully I've at least progressed a little.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's true....

.... there is a For Sale sign in my yard. About 2 weeks ago Cody had a long drive home and said, "Wanna move to Draper?!" I thought he was joking, but... he was serious. He said he had this feeling like it was time for us to move (over the years I've learned that when Cody has an impression about something he's usually right). So we looked at houses online that night, then spent 3-4 hours driving around Traverse Mtn in Lehi the next day, contacted our friend who is a real estate agent, had her show us about 20 properties the next week, and then we listed our house. CRAZY!!! I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing. We just got our house and yard the way we want it, I have my nursery all ready, oh and I could be having a baby anyday (minor detail!).... And the thought of leaving all of our friends and Londyn's cute little friends makes me sooo sad. But on the other hand if we can sell our house we could get into a house that is much bigger and be able to stay there for a looong time. And Cody would only be 5-10 minutes from work and be able to ride his bike there on most days. It's all really weird to think about, but I guess we'll just see how it goes, and cross the big bridges when we get to them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

byebye June

I can't believe it's July already! Where did June go? Here is a collage of some more fun June memories.
- Slip-n-slidding on one of the 5 warm days in June
- Londyn's new tricycle that she is getting better and better at everyday
- Londyn serving cupcakes at Cody's dad's 65th birthday party
- Gateway fountain
- Londyn and her 2 foot red straw
- Dancing with daddy in the living room
- Londyn and her crazy way of eating corn on the cob
- Playing with daddy and cousin Charlie after dinner at Gateway
- Jackson's shower and his yummy cake

Bring on July!!!! And hopefully this baby!
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