Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For fun

On Monday Londyn got herself dressed and wanted me to take a picture of her.

Love my girlie! She is so much fun!
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King Cake

While we were in Louisiana I really wanted a King Cake. I didn't know if they would have them yet, but they did! Mmmm!
I wish I could have brought one home with me!

The kids liked it too!
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Family pics

The night before we flew back we decided to take a last minute family picture. We had everyone except my brother's wife Michelle, she lives in Houston and had to work. = ( Not too bad for a very impromptu photo shoot!

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Hodge's Gardens

One day while we were down there my dad Cody, my brother Caleb and his wife Nikki went to these gardens in central Louisiana.
Not many flowers this time of year, but still pretty.

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On our 2nd day in Louisiana we took advantage of the warmer weather and went to the park.

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Park cont.

Jackson loved being outside. It was a nice break from the snow.

I love how his hair got a little curl to it from the humidity.

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Christmas Morning

SaNta CaMe!!
Jackson FAVORITE toy is his toy Dyson. He Loooves vacuums.
He also got some tools that he thinks are preety cool.
Londyn got a new baby doll and a crib and high chair for her. She also loves her new Rapunzel doll and her new books.
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After dinner...

...Jackson decided he didn't need to keep his pajama pants on.

Daddy thought otherwise!
After the gift exchange game Londyn and Charlie played with some of their new toys.
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Christmas eve dinner

On Christmas Eve we had a big dinner at Cody's parent's house with all of the family; aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas... It's always so yummy. Ribs, potatoes, bread, salad, desserts, etc...
I guess Jackson wasn't excited about dressing up!
I wanted a picture of all of us, but this is all we got.

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Christmas Eve in the snow

We headed up to Cody's parent's house in the morning on Christmas eve. That afternoon Cody and his dad and the kids played in the snow.
Jackson in a snow bank!
Charlie and Londyn having a snowball fight!
Cousin time!!! Carson, Londyn and Charlie
Yep, Cody jumped off the deck into the snow!
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