Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family Photos

We were finally ALL together the weekend after Christmas and had a tiny window for family pictures.  Of course that day was so cold and windy.  We literally got out of the car, posed ourselves, the photographer snapped a few pictures, and we jumped back into our cars!

Christmas in Louisiana

A few pictures of some of the things we did while we were in the dirty south.
Finally had all 6 grandkids together, and made several attempts to get a good picture with all of them!  Wasn't easy!  One of them was either not looking, crying, out of focus, and trying to run away!
 Christmas eve was such a nice sunny day so we took my dad's jet skis out of the lake for a little while.
 Cody tearin' it up.

 The kids having a ball looking in the water.
 Good game of rock, paper, scissors while they waited for their turn.

Opening presents Christmas morning.
 Kid's table!  Yummy turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

 Family walk around the block to burn of some of those calories... or to make room for pie!
 Another walk around the block.  I think this was a different day.
 Quick family pic before church.
 My kiddos and Isabella visiting Santa on Christmas Eve.  Isa girl was so chill!! ha ha

 Had to go get cajun food at Steamboat Bill's.  J found him a gator!
 One night Ryanne got to sleep over at gramy's.  They were all tuckered out from playing hard!