Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night Cody had to work late. So we brought him some dinner. Then on the way home Londyn saw Cabelas and was "dying to go." So I said, why not. Cody wasn't going to be home and we've only been there 3 times in the year and a half we've lived here.
1st stop- look at the fish.
Next- world's biggest camping chair!!
Then, they tested out this camo golf cart thing.
Finally we went upstairs to test out all of the tents and camping chairs. And we got Icee's from the cafe.
Who knew Cabelas could be so fun?
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Farm Country

Last week when we had such nice spring-like weather, the kids and I went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.
We went on a "hay ride" pulled by 2 horses. Both kids loved it, but Jackson refused to sit down. So he kept falling!
Jackson loves playing in the "jail."
While we walk around Londyn collects dead leaves, pieces of hay or whatever else she can find so she can feed it to the horses and ponies.
Isn't this peacock pretty? It was all white. Hopefully we will have more nice days to go the Farm!
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