Friday, June 17, 2011

Sping Pics

Thank you to my friend Tracy for taking these pics of my kiddos!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Preschool Grad

On May 27th Londyn graduated from preschool. Poor thing, the night before she dropped a piece of wood on her toe and her big toe nail fell off. ouch!
They had a really cute program where they showed off all they had learned that year. Londyn's part was: " We also learned our colors, some didn't know read from blue. Now we know each one of them so we'll sing them for you!"

Getting her diploma from Ms. Sherri, her teacher.

Group shot.

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On our stop in Cozumel we went on a sailing excursion (the only excursion we did) with 4 other families. It was so much fun. Cody grew up sailing, but it was my 1st time. We sailed out to sea for a couple of hours then dropped anchor at a reef and went snorkling. So cool. We saw a lot of cool fish and the color of the water was incredible. After that they sailed us to a beach for some more fun in the water. While we were playing the crew was cooking us fajitas on the boat.
Yummy fajitas, w/ homade guacamole and pasta salad.

Then then got out the parachute thing and let us play around before sailing back to shore. Her's Cody catching some air.

Wasn't the water so pretty?!

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A few pics from pur cruise

The 1st week of April Cody and I were able to go on a cruise. 7 days in the western Caribbean- so fun!
This is a pic of the back of the boat. It's the "Aqua Theater" The 1st night we saw a cirque de solieau type water show. We couldn't beleive all of the stunts and dives they were doing on a moving cruise ship and into such a tiny pool of water.

This is us at our 1st stop- Labadee, Haiti. It was Royal Caribbean's private beach. We had a fun relaxing day at the beach there. The water was beautiful.

One of Cody's favorite things on the ship was getting to play soccer and basketball. He got in on several games and had a lot of fun. And only got hurt once!

And one of my favorite things was the unlimited softserve!

Other highlights were the yummy food that was available ALL day long, our favorite dining room waiter Dwayne, the entertainment on the ship-the show Hairspray, the 3-D movie theater, the Ice Skating show, the Love and Marriage game show, the flow-rider (surfing on the ship), laying out, the breakfast buffet,.... We also stopped in Jamaica but didn't do much there. And our last stop in Cozumel was a blast. We went on a Sailboat excursion for about 8 hours and had so much fun. It was a much needed trip! We missed our kids a ton, but knew they were in good hands with gramy! Thanks mom. And thank you to Cody's company for sending us on such a great vacation!
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