Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

After church on Father's Day I took a bunch of pictures of the kiddos. Here are just a few. Happy Father's Day to Cody!

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Londyn's 1st Ballet Recital

On Saturday June 19th, Londyn was in her 1st Ballet recital.
We tried to get a few pictures of the star before we left.
And here are a couple of her in action on stage! She was a baby doll in the Ballet "Coppelia". I had never seen that ballet before and it was pretty cute.
Good job Londyn!
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yellow cupcakes

Last week we made yellow cupcakes and I got a few cute pictures of Londyn while she was eating them!

Love my blue-eyed girl! (yes, in that last picture she skewered some leaves onto a sewing needle...????!)
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10 months

On June 4th our little duders turned 10 months! It's almost birthday time! So that day we did a little photo shoot. Here are a few of the many faces of Jackson!

He is such a good little boy. But definitely ALL boy! He is a very speedy crawler. And is also quite good at the bear crawl. He climbs on everything, including up the stairs and up the slide we have upstairs. He walks along furniture and even stands up without holding on to anything and balances for a few seconds. But still no interest in walking. He crys every time I try to walk with him while he holds my fingers. He has 8 teeth and still loves most food. He's given up most baby food and usually just eats what we're having. He loves playing with toilet paper. There is usually a trail of it all over the house. He says, "mama", "dada", "hi da", and a lot of other jibber jabber! He now shakes his head no when we ask him questions. A week after he turned 10 mo. he got his 1st eye infection and his 1st ear infection. He's on on eye drops and a liquid antibiotic that is reaking havoc on his tummy. Poor little guy. The dr. wasn't kidding when he said it would give hime diarrhea. And we still have 5 days of medication left. YUCK! He had become a really good sleeper at night, but of course this little illness has messed that all up. Still love him to pieces! Wish he wouldn't grow up so fast though!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The kids and I were able to go to Louisiana for 8 days for my brother's recpetion down there. It was so nice to spend time outside, finally! Jackson's 1st time in the swimming pool. He Loved it. He was splashing like crazy!
Of course Londyn loved it too!
One night we went to the park. Londyn is one of those rare people who actually has good hair in humidity! It was so fluffy and curly the whole time we were there.
We had to get crawfish while we were there YUMMY! Londyn even ate a few!
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Louisiana cont.

They had fun playing with their cousins too. This is Jackson with Austin, aka "Bubba".
There is a splash park right by my parent's house that we went to. They loved it. Even Jackson did. He crawled all over the place and didn't care if water got on his face.
The kids also loved my mom's piano.
And we went for a walk around the block almost every morning or evening, sometimes both!
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Grandmama's House

When were weren't doing wedding stuff in Idaho we were able to spend some time at my Grandma's house.
Jackson had a blast playing in her kitchen sink! Look at that cute little body!

He also liked playing outside with Max. Max on the other hand, wasn't too sure about him!
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Caleb's wedding

My little brother Caleb got married on May 14th in the Idaho Falls temple.
The next day we had the reception in Grace, ID where his wife is from. Caleb acting like his usual self.
Family photo; Everyone but Jen and Ryanne and Austin (sad!) Oh and Londyn and Jackson and Michelle, they were there somewhere!
Love this picture where they are both on their phones!
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Mother's Day

Had a nice relaxing Mother's day this year. I didn't get many pictures, but this is the kids on the way up to Park City for dinner.
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Cody's brother graduated from the "U" on May 7th and afterwards we had lunch at Macaroni Grill.
We ordered calamari and Londyn ate all of the ones that lookes like little baby squids. So gross! But funny!
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This little guy will climb on just about anything!
The dishwasher is one of his favorites!
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Cody turns 27

Cody's birthday was on May 5th. He woke up to a pancake breakfast with fresh berries and cream. Mmmm.
After Jackson's morning nap we headed over to his office to surprise him with ballons and chocolate white chocolate chip cookies.
The kids were super excited to see their daddy!
We met some friends at Costa Vida for dinner then went back home for more birthday treats and presents!
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