Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor Day

This year for Labor Day we went to St. George, again! We kinda like it there! My parents flew in from Louisiana and we stayed at the same hotel so the kids really liked that! On Friday we drove up to Cedar Breaks. It was beautiful! But FREEZING!!! We were not prepared for the chill on top of the mountain. Thank goodness the kids had their blankets!

Then it was back to St. Geore for some Cafe Rio and some Nielsen's frozen custard!
That night we went to see 17 Miracles. So good!

Then on Saturday we went to Caleb's football game. Londyn loved the Red Bull, Jackson on the other had was SCARED TO DEATH!!!

We finished off the weekend by celebrating Caleb's 25th birthday. Happy Birthday!!! You're going to be a daddy in 3 months!!!
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Friday, September 16, 2011

1st day of school

Londyn started Kindergarten this year! Had to get a "1st day of school" picture!
And of course little brother had to be in one!

She was so excited to start school again and see old friends and meet new ones! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Story. She seems great and I know Londyn is going to learn so much this year.

This wsa her 1st project. An "all about me" scrapbook page.

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Londyn started Kindergarten!!

Instead of the boring school pics, my friend Sandy took Londyn's kindergarten pictures. So much cuter!!

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Jackson's Party

We had J's party a week after his birthday. It was also the debut of our newly finished backyard. He had a construction themed party. I didn't have time to make a big cake, so I just made a little one for him and then we had dirt cake, cupcakes, lemon bars, candy, and chips and dip!

He had a great time with all his buddies!

And was soooo excited to blow out his candles!

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Birthday Meals

To celebrate both kid's birthdays we went to Kneader's for Breakfast one morning with Cody's parents, and...

Spaghettti factory another night! Jackson loves the mizithera!

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Londyn turns 5!

On August 6th, Londyn turned 5! This year we celebrated her birthday on her actual birthday! She had a girls only party per her request! She had a Pajama party. All her little friends came over for pizza and cake. Then they had popcorn and watched a movie! Happy birthday to our sweet Londyn girl! You are so smart and creative. We love watching to watching and wonering what you'll do next! Hope you have a great year!!

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Jackson turns 2!

On August 4th, Jackson turned 2! We started the day off with the traditional birthday pancake and then let him open his presnts from us and my parents!

You are such a fun little boy Jackson! You are full of personality and make us laugh everyday! You are getting close to being potty trained, but still loooove your binki- you may be potty trained before you give it up! You are a good sleeper (finally!!) and love to sing songs before bed every night. You love to build with blocks and play with tools (like daddy!). Other than that you pretty much like to destroy things! You are all boy!! Happy birthday lil J!
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July- St. George

In July we decided to take a liast minute trip to St. George. We had wanted to go all summer, but hadn't gone yet. My sister-in-law works at the Crystal Inn so we finally decided to go and stay there! It was a blast. Totally laid back. There wasn't anything we "needed" to be at so we swam all morning and napped in the afternoon and watched Caleb (my lil bro) play softball late at night, and of course ate a lot of good food!

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They Jump!

While one our trip to St. George both kids decided to be brave and try jumping off the side of the pool. Once they did it once there was no stopping them!

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Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day fell on a Sunday this year. Before church I snapped some cute pics of the kids.

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