Wednesday, July 30, 2008

St. George

On Sunday after church Londyn and I took off for St. George. My mom and little bro Caleb were there getting Caleb settled in to school. (He is going to Dixie to play football). This is Caleb realizing he forgot his keys to his apartment and we were locked. Way to go bro!

Then we went to our hotel to chill and get out of the heat! See the pack-n-play next to my bed? Yeah, Londyn would have nothing to do with it. She slept with me both nights and for her nap on Monday. Sunday night I moved her to her bed after she fell asleep. Around 2am she woke up said "I need mom," and climbed out off the crib and into bed with me. I am soooo glad to be home and have her in her own bed!

Of course we had to get some In-N-Out love! Mmmm I love that place. We got some milkshakes too and they were so yummy! And we didn't even have to wait in line or for a table.

This is Caleb throwing with the quaterback and some other recievers. Londyn went down to say hello to "Uncle Caleb"

And last but not least, we went swimming at the hotel the last night we were there. Londyn has turned into quite the little fish (thanks Katie for all the pool time this summer-Londyn has loved it!) We bought her some arm floaties and she floats and kicks around all by herself.

And lucky us, we came home on Tuesday right after the big accident on I-15. So, 1st we decided to stop at IKEA and kill some time. Yeah, we didn't kill enough time, so we stopped at my aunt's in Sugar House for a little while. Yeah, still not enough time. So we drove some crazy way to get to 2200 W. and after 8 hrs from leaving St. George, we made it home. Its good to be home! Good luck this season Caleb!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marc Cohn Concert

Saturday night we did the annual concert in the park at Deer Valley w/ Cody's fam. This year we saw Marc Cohn. Who? That's what I said! He sings the song "Walkin in Memphis." He was really good. We spread out blankets and had a picnic dinner, topped it off with a GIANT ice cream sandwich and listened to the music. Londyn had fun dancing and running around. The show went 'til about 10 and it got really cold. It was fun to snuggle with Cody and Londyn, then around 9:45 Londyn crashed on me! So fun to lay under the stars with good music, my hubby and a sleeping baby!
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

The morning of the 4th we did the annual 4th of July breakfast a the park near Main Street. The food was yummy and Cody saw a lot of old friends. We let Londyn play at the park for a little while and then we watched the parade. I think we were in the right city for the 4th, the weather was so nice. It was cloudy and almost cool; as you can see by Londyn's blanket.

We also went to the Darling's fun party. I'm glad we were able to make it. The boys had a good time playing ball in the pool and occasionally taking there turns with the kids. Hunter was putting the moves on Londyn. Looks like she liked it. Cody calls him little Romeo! And the we tried to make it to the Walton Dr. street of fire, but as soon as we got there they were done. No problem though, the Cantenzaro's had a bag 'o fireworks. They put on quite the show and amazingly no one got hurt and no lawns caught on fire!

3rd of July

Cody took off work on the 3rd so we headed up to Park City to enjoy some of the Independence Day festivities. Londyn decided to sleep for 20 minutes on the way up and wouldn't lay down in the crib at Cody's parent's. We chilled at the house and then collected more rocks for our rockwall. Then we headed up to this place called Tuhaye for a party and swimming. Above is a picture of Londyn's 2nd 20 minute nap. Not a good nap day!

This is where we went swimming. Isn't is beautiful? I was bummed though because we got there at 5:30 and the pool closed at 6:00 because of the party. But we made the best of the time we had, and they actually let us stay in the water until almost 6:30. Londyn LOVED going down the water slide. I bet we took her down it a dozen times. I'm glad she likes the water.

Then it was party time. This place knows how to throw a good party. They had jumpy things and clowns for the kids. If you can see, Londyn got her face painted like a dalmation. She is really into 101 Dalmations right now! And she is eating a lobster sucker. They had a candy buffet that we made the mistake of hitting up before dinner. Do you think Londyn ate any dinner????

They had a huge tent set up where we ate dinner and they had a dance floor and a band. Luckily we sat right by the dance floor because Londyn wouldn't get of off it! She would go up to random adults and reach up for them to twirl her. She's nuts!! It was quite entertaining though.