Monday, May 21, 2012

My dad's birthday!

Feb. 6th was my dad's bday. To celebrate while they were here visiting we went tubing in Park City!!! It was a blast! It was my 1st time and the kids loved it!!! Then when went to dinner and went back to my house for cake!

Gramy, Grampy and Ryanne came to town!

In February my parents came out for a visit- to see us and for Isabella's baby blessing. They brought my niece Ryanne with them, which Londyn was soo excited about! There was lots of good cousin time!

Visit with old friends!

Back in January we had dinner with some friends of ours from Foxboro. We have all since moved away so it was fun to get together! These 4 cuties were all in joy school together when they were just 2! Now they are all in kindergarten!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New years eve

Ok. I am attempting my 1st blog post from my phone.
So on new years eve we had a busy day at home working on some house projects. Then we met up for dinner with my friend Sam- we went to nursing school together. When we got back home I needed to make an appetizer and get the kids ready for bed so that we could go to our neighbor's for a new years eve part. BUT... When we got home all of our smoke alarms were going off! After checking things out and being unable to get the alarms to turn off we called the gas company to come. Jackson was so excited to come tell me he was here, that he came running around the corner, slipped and fell and cut his head open on the corner of the baseboard. Ouch!!! Poor kid was so tired because he didn't nap and then this happened! We got the bleeding to stop and then put him to bed. ( looking back we probably should have taken him in for stitches).
Then we had such a fun party with our neighbors! I played bunco for the 1st time and I won! Beginners luck!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Long time no blog

It has been forever since I have blogged! My laptop died a few months ago and so I haven't updated our blog since then. It is still broken but I downloaded the Blogger App so hopefully soon I will be up and blogging soon!!