Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Londyn got to see the Easter Bunny for the 1st time while we were in St. George. She loved him. There were no other kids in line, so she just sat on his lap for like 5 minutes, just content! It was cute.
Easter morning. Checking out the goods!
She didn't get that massager thing in her hand, I don't know why she was holding it!
The Easter Bunny was very good to her this year! These are the only pics I have, Cody got better ones on his camera.
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Trip down South

My parents drove out from Louisiana in their new motorhome and their 1st stop was St. George (well Hurricane). And Cody had to go out of town for 3 days last week, so we all headed to St. George and Cody just caught his plane in Vegas. He was only gone for 3 of the 6 days we were there, but it was nice for Londyn and I to have family to hang out with.

This was at a Mexican restaurant in Kanab on our way to Zion's.
Zion's. I'd never been there before. And I didn't really get to appriciate it becuase we just drove through it because Londyn was asleep. It was beautiful though.
Hangin out with uncle Caleb. He had his Spring football game on Saturday. That was another reason we went down there.
Blowing bubbles! It wasn't as warm as I had hoped, but it was still nice to just be outside!
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