Friday, October 15, 2010

Gardner Village

At the beginning of October I took the kids to Gardner Village while we were waiting for Cody to fly home from a trip.
It was a really warm sunny day, perfect for walking around!
Jackson saw this little pond and I couldn't keep him out of it!
It was fun to see all of the witches, too. Londyn wanted to sit next to this one, but once she got next to it she wasn't so sure anymore!
And of course Jackson had to play in the dirt. He is such a boy.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010


In an attempt to keep up with his big sister, Jackson has decided to take on coloring. If he see's the crayons on the table he HAS to climb up there to color.

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Farm Country

While Cody was out of town on his 2nd of 3 trips in September, my mom was able to come out and stay with us! One afternoon while the weather was still nice and warm we went down to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point.
They have these little wooden houses for the kids to play in. This is Jackson in "Miss Kitty's Dance Hall."
And here is the little stud again sitting on the bench while his big sister rode a pony.
This is Londyn's FAVORITE thing!
Another fun visit to the Farm!
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