Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Londyn and Ryanne sippin' on some lemonade at Target! They are having a good time hainging out together (except when they are fighting over a toy or my mom)! Too bad we don't all live closer together! = (
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Playing at the park!

On our way to the park we stopped for ice cream.

I stole some of my dad's pictures so I could do a post. This is a view of the lake at the new park by my parent's house.

Londyn sliding.

My brother Sheldon and his little girl Ryanne and Londyn.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm not in Utah anymore......!

Wednesday afternoon Londyn and I flew to Louisiana. Immediately after stepping off the plane, I could tell we were not in Utah anymore! There was an instant blast of heat and humidity. Londyn's hair curled almost right away! It was actually nice though, since it was cold and rainy when we left SLC. Then when I was watching the local news that night, they devoted 10 minutes of the sports segment to the upcoming squirrel hunting season! It was absolutely disgusting! I thought, where the heck am I?!?!?
(Thurs.) Today was nice. It wasn't as hot and there was a breeze. My mom and I took Londyn swimming this morning. And after dinner we took her to this new park by the lake. It was awesome! There is a playground and a fountain, picnic areas, trails, and a boardwalk by the water. And with the weather being nice it was so fun. I've been taking pictures but I don't have a way to download them, so I'll post them next week when I'm home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekend in Boise

On our way to Boise we stopped in Brigham City at Maddox's for lunch. Londyn entertained herself by putting cabbage down her straw into her water glass. I think she gets her creativity from her dad!!
We stayed at a nice hotel right by the BSU campus. After a yummy breakast the 1st morning we went hottubbing. It was so cold outside! While I was getting ready Londyn patiently waited and read her new "potty" book!
This is the spring game (the reason we were in Boise). That's my brother Caleb, #81. (yes the turf is blue, its called "smurf turf!)
The other reason we were in Boise was to have celebrate my grandparents anniversary. They love Mexican food so we reserved a banquet room at a Mexican restaurant and had a P-A-R-T-Y!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Ski Weekend

On Friday night we went to Park City to stay with Cody's Parents for the weekend. Saturday morning, me, Cody, his brother and his fiance, and his dad skiied together and had a blast. Then Cody's mom brought Londyn at noon and we all had lunch and then took a couple runs with Londyn. She thinks skiing with Cody is the greatest thing ever. Everytime he would stop she would say "more, more." By 2:00 we were all exhausted so we sat in the hot tub for a while and headed home for naps! Then the boys went to the priesthood sesssion and the girls went to dinner.

Londyn's day of excitment and late nap totally threw her schedule off and she was up almost the whole night! Uh! Thank goodness Sunday was conference so we could lounge around all day. I loved all of the talks on Sunday and think President Monson is going to be a wonderful prophet!
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