Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday pics

A few of their Birthday pictures (taken at Garner Village)

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Londyn Turns Four!

2 days after Jackson's birthday, Aug. 6th, we celebrated Londyn's 4th borthday!
She also got a special "4" shaped pancake.
She was very excited to open presents.
Lucky girl got to go to the Dr. on her birthday! At least she didn't get 3 shots like her baby bro. I told her she didn;t have to get shots until she was 5, right before kindergarten. Maybe I shouldn't have told her that. She decided she didn't want to go to kindergarten after I told her that!

We wanted to take her out to dinner for her birthday say the night before I said: (me) "Londyn, where is your favorite place to eat?"
Londyn paused to think for a few seconds. (Londyn)" The bar stool." Haha! So cute, I said, no, which restaurant? She picked the Spaghetti Factory. It was delicious as usual!
At 4 years old Londyn:
-is full of energy!
-Loves to dance
-favorite church song "Jesus Once Was a Little Child"
-loves to play in the dirt and the sand
-Only takes naps every once and a while = (
-Decided she likes "gramy's bed" (our guest room bed) better than hers
-loves to play outside
-is scared of thunder
-loves cats
-still loves princesses, but is getting more into Barbies
We love you Londyn girl! Happy Birthday!
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Jackson Turns One

On August 4th our baby boy turned 1! I can't believe it has already been a year since his crazy delivery.

To celebrate his special day he got a pancake shaped like a "1" ( a tradition started with Londyn's 1st birthday)
As you can see he enjoyed it!
This is him taking his new puppy for a walk.
His birthday turned out to be a pretty rainy day. Here is the birthday boy with his daddy with the scary black clouds behind them.
At age one Jackson:
-has 8 teeth
-sleeps all night
-takes one 2-3 hr nap every day
-walks like a champ (started walking mid-July)
-Says, dada, momma, hi, hi dada, all done (all da), and everything else is "uh"!
-walks up our slide upstairs
-loves kitty cats, tries to say meow
-loves to eat chicken, any kind
-mostly done with baby food
-likes whole milk, and chocolate milk ( I didn't have to buy one can of formula for him!)
-generally just a happy kid!

We love you baby Jacks!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We stayed at a condo for a night to make a mini vacation out of the weekend.
The kids loved the deck!
Londyn loved playing with her barbies and jenga blocks with her dad.
And to top it off we spent a couple hours soaking up the sun at the pool!
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Deer Valley music Festival

On the 23rd of July we headed up to Park City to go to the Deer Valley Music Festival. It was so nice to get out of the heat and have a picnic outside.
The kids did great. Londyn especially loved it because it was all Disney music.
Jackson enjoyed the food!
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