Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night the baby was kicking like crazy! I've started to feel little kicks the last 10 days or so, but nothing like this! So I told Londyn to hurry and come feel the baby kicking. She put her hand on my tummy, and her face when she felt it kick was priceless!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's day

We started V-day off with some yummy heart-shaped (and one bear) french toast! It was fun for it to be on a Saturday so we could spend the whole day with Cody.
Next, Cody and Londyn got to work on the 20 baked potatoes we had to make for dinner. She would "try" to poke them and then throw them into the pile of ones Cody had already poked. This is him trying to find Londyn's potatoes so he could really poke them! What a good little helper she was!! And dinner turned out AWESOME!!! Thanks to everyone who helped, it all turned out great! Any ideas of what to do with 11 left-over baked potatoes?! Well, I think I am down to 8!
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last weeked...

Last weekend my parents flew up from Louisiana and my brother Caleb came up from St. George. We had a fun jam-packed weekend!
- We went to the Boat Show Thursday night.
- Friday was my Dad's birthday so we went to dinner at El Matador and rented a movie.
- Saturday we went to park city and shopped and went to the tubbing park. My mom and I didn't tube, but Cody, Londyn, my dad and Caleb did. It was snowing like crazy and it was an icky wet snow, but that didn't stop them. They did it for 2 hours and Londyn still wanted to go more. She's such a dare devil.
- Saturday night we did dinner at Spaghetti Factory and a movie.
- Sunday: church and temple square.

Then they left on Monday and it was back to life = ( It was fun while it lasted!
(oh, did anyone else see that awesone rainbow on Saturday afternoon? It was so pretty.)
*click on the collage to see the pics better
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We finished the playroom upstairs...mostly. It's not really decorated yet, but we're going to do a safari animal theme.

These are the shelves that took FOREVER to make. But now they divide the loft and give Londyn a space to play! Good job Cody!
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Skiing w/ Londyn

2 weeks ago we had a family ski day w/ Cody's family. It was a beautiful day for skiing; sunny and not too cold! It was Londyn's 3rd time up this season. The 1st time she took a couple or runs, but stayed between Cody's legs w/ him holding her arms the whole time. The 2nd time she played in a snow bank for a hour and ate snow. But this time Cody let go of her and she automatically put her arms out for balance and skiied on her own. It was so cute...until she fell and hit her head. Then she was done.
Of course we had to hit the hot tub after lunch. This is my subdued Londyn after 3 hrs of skiing. After hottubbing she fell asleep from 5:30-8:30...woke up for about 15 minutes on the drive home, and then went to bed at 9:30 and slept all night. Guess we wore her out!
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