Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the kitchen with Jackson

Yesterday Jackson discovered Ranch Dip.
Obviously he loved it! And it got him to eat 4 cucumber sticks , too!
Afterwards, he got a quick rinse off in the kitchen sink.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st day of preschool

Sept. 7th was Londyn's 1st day of preschool. She goes to the new elementary in our neighborhood, which is great because it is so close. She goes Tuesday-Friday from 9:15-12:00. And so far really likes it.
This is her saying, "can we just go?!?!"
Se looks so tiny walking up to the big school.
This is her with her new friend Belle.
Good luck this year Londyn. We love you!
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St. George/ Labor Day weekend

We left on Thursday around noon and headed to St. George! Wahoo! We hadn't been for almost a year. We stayed at the Wingate hotel and it was great. The kids liked standing in the window to look and the pool. Every morning we had breakfast at the hotel. Londyn's favorite were the waffles.
On Friday and Saturday mornings we went swimming. Londyn was a little fish as usual. Jackson liked to walk around the pool while eating an apple. The first step into the pool was great though; it was huge so it was almost like a little wadding area. Jackson liked that part. He didn't care much for his floatie.
On Saturday night my brother Caleb had a football game. This is Jackson at the tailgate party. You can tell by his rosie cheeks that it was really hot. So before the game started we went to Iceberg to cool off with a big shake. Mmmmm.
After church on Sunday (we found the coolest ward right by our hotel!) we went to Caleb and Nikki's apartment to celebrate Caleb's birthday with a Turkey dinner and cake! Then we just hung out. This is the kids on the love sac eating pirate booty with my dad.
Other highlights of the trip were shopping at the outlets, watching the U play at Iggy's, seeing Caleb recover a fumble, pizza from Hungry Howie's, Cody going mountain biking, being able to stay for 4 nights, and hiking at Zion's.
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Cedar Breaks and Zion's

On one of our days in St. George Cody and my dad drove to Cedar Breaks and Zion's. Cody had never been to either of them and loved it. We all (my parents, Cody and I and the kids, and my brother and his wife) went to Zion's on Labor day. We hiked to the top of the Emerald Pools. It was really pretty. The kids did great. Londyn hiked almost the hole thing and I carried Jackson in the baby bjourn for part of the way and then Caleb wore him the rest of the time. He slept for a bout an hr of the hike. Our camera was dead so I don't have any pics from the hike, but maybe I'll post some later when my dad sends me his.

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Jackson's 1st pickle

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The cupcakes

I wanted to post pictures of the pink and blue cupcakes from the kids' Pink and Blue Birthday Bash to remember how good they were!

Laondyn's were vanilla with homemade strawberry buttercream.
Jackson's were chocolate w/white chocolate chips and homemade vanilla frosting.

A few party pics

In the basement for the pinata. Jackson is ready for his turn!
Playing "pin the crown on the princess"
Singing "happy birthday" to Londyn
Jacks eating his cake. He would only eat it with a fork!
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