Monday, December 16, 2013

Summer Road Trip- 2nd stop Utah

 After leaving Idaho, we drove to Utah.  And our 1st stop was to out old neighborhood where we lived right after Londyn was born in North Salt Lake.  My sweet friend Catherine graciously offered to have us over and made us an amazing dinner, even though she'd just had a baby!!!  Cute Londyn and Halle.  Friends since they were babies!
 Visiting our 1st house.  Londyn with "her tree."  We planted that for her when she was just a baby!  It's finally growing!
 One night we went down to Lehi to see some of our Winter Haven friends.  We met at a park and had a blast catching up and watching the kids play!  Londyn and her good friend Brooklyn.
 Jackson helping Nana make humming bird food.
 Jackson and baby Cate getting reacquainted at lunch at CafĂ© Rio! Poor Londyn couldn't come because she got sick.  Luckily for less than 24 hrs.  Jackson got it 2 days later.
 One day we went to Park City Mountain resort to ride the Alpine Slide and Alpine coaster.  Londyn had to be in her own sled and was pretty nervous about it, but she did great!!
 Jackson loooved the Alpine Coaster!!
 Another day we went to Temple Square with my parents and Ryanne and Austin.

 We also made a surprise visit to see Althea and Elle, the girls I babysat while I was in College.  How they've grown!!!

Summer Road Trip- 1st stop Idaho

 Yellowstone!  Kids 1st time there.  The loved walking and hiking on the path.  It was such a hot day though, so we didn't last too long!

 Then it was on to grandma Liz's.  Londyn loved having a cat friend, good ole Tar Baby!
 4th of July!  Annual pancake breakfast!
 Jackson at Isabella!  We spent most of the morning and afternoon down at the church for the big fair... booths, food, musical performers...
 Then it was time for the parade!

 My dad won the duck race down the Menan canal!!  This is when the lady came to bring him his prize!
 Doing some sparklers while we waited for the big fireworks!
 Got to se David and Jen's new place in Shelley.  Jackson and Londyn looooved the cute kittens.

 And then we stayed a night at Caleb and Nikki's in Pocatello.  Went to the Hargraves family reunioun and then headed to Salt Lake after church on Sunday.

A baby!!

 After 21 looong months, dozens of appointments and ultrasounds at this office, giving myself lots of shots, having a lot of blood taken.....
 We finally found out on June 6th, the day before our 8th anniversary, that we were pregnant!!  I really couldn't believe my eyes when 2 pink lines showed up.  So excited.  So grateful.  So relieved to see her little heartbeat = )  Due date, February 13, 2014.

Ballerina Girl

 Londyn took Ballet last year at the Classical Ballet Academy. In May the parents got to come and watch class.  It was fun to watch all of her poses and moves!  She loves to dance!

Disney World!!!

 Back in May we surprised the kids and took them to Disney World!!  We had all the suitcases packed and ready to go and after church we broke the news to them and headed to the airport!  Londyn was ecstatic, Jackson was more worried about which suitcase was his!!
 After a long day of traveling the kids got a good nights sleep and were ready to head to the park!  Cody also got a surprise, his parents met us there!
 Jackson finally got to meet his favorite character, Buzz Lightyear!
 Londyn found Sully and Mike while the boys were at the stunt show.
 Our favorite ride- Toy Story Mania!!  So fun.
 Jackson just chilling while Cody and Londyn rode Dumbo.  He did NOT want to ride it!!
 We stayed at the Port Orleans and loved it.  A couple of the days were really hot so we headed to the pool!  I think Londyn went down the slide at least 50 times!

It was such a fun trip!  We made it to all of the parks, Magic Kingdom 2 or 3 times.